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Paul Bowles Reads A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard. Two LPs: recorded in Tangier, Morocco, 1978, (Santa Barbara, California: Cadmus Editions, 1981). Two CDs; unabridged: Cadmus Editions / Dom America audio book; Jon Carlson, producer; Jeffrey Miller, design (San Francisco: Cadmus Editions, 1999) The cover image of this Paul Bowles audio recording is a painting by Brion Gysin.

The Voices of Paul Bowles (New York: Tellus #23, 1989) Audio cassette magazine curated by Claudia Gould and Stephen Frailey. An audio archive (for noncommercial purposes) of several Paul Bowles' narrations has been made by UbuWeb Sound, with permission granted by the Estate of Paul Bowles. Listen to the entire album of "The Voices of Paul Bowles"  (Tellus #23) as Paul Bowles reads: "Allal", "Points in Time IV", "The Garden" and "Points in Time XI".

Black Star at the Point of Darkness.  CD. Produced by Randall Barnwell in 1990. Includes Bowles reading two poems "Here I am" and "Nights"; short stories: "The Successor"', "The Empty Amulet" An Inopportune Visit". Music includes Six Preludes for Piano performed by Jean-Luc Fafchamps and a solo performance of Qsbah by Zane, the leader of the Jilala musicians in Tangier, recorded in 1978. This CD also contains sounds from the Jemâa el Fna in Marrakech, Morocco and music recorded by Paul Bowles in 1960 in the Moroccan village of Amara in the High Atlas mountains. Brussels, Belgium: Sub Rosa, 1993)

Baptism Of Solitude.  Audio CD; recorded in Tangier in 1994 by Nicky Skoelitis and in 1995 by Bill Laswell. Includes Paul Bowles reading selections from Up Above the World, "Love Song", "Baptism of Solitude", "Each Whining Thing", Next to Nothing, "Points in Time", "Voyage en Egypte", "Delicate Prey", "Circular Valley", "Distant Episode", "Delicate Song", "You Are Not I", The Sheltering Sky and "Nights" (New York: Meta Records, 1995); latest release (Santa Barbara, California: Metastation, 2009)



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